2021 Sarah Venamore Clinic Dates

18 - 19 January

13 - 14 March

12 - 14 June

21 - 22 August

9 - 10 October

Lessons will be available for children & adults, with their own horses.

Sarah is an EA Level 2 Riding Coach, Coach Educator & the NSW State Dressage Coach for Pony Club as well as an accomplished rider. She has a wealth of knowledge for coaching children & adults, with fantastic arena exercises that keep students and their mounts motivated and interested.
Sarah shares her passion for horses and riding with her students. More info:

Limited spots available, registration will open prior to each date (keep an eye on Facebook)

Megan Joerg Working Equitation Clinic

Saturday 13th February 2021

Working equitation is the ultimate equestrian discipline in creating harmony between horse and rider with a strong focus on training and versatility. Open to all breeds of horse and levels of rider (regardless of tack or attire).

Held Saturday 13th February at Nu Walla Equestrian, Forbes.

Group lessons (min.3 riders) will be available for children & adults, with their own horses. Limited hours (if it is very hot).

Megan Joerg is an accredited NCAS EA level 2 dressage, level 2 General Coach and Coach Educator & FEI competitor.

Group lessons $65/rider (min. 3 riders per group).
Lessons are 45 minutes.

** This clinic is now full, to go on the waiting list, register here:

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Steven Hart Horsemanship Clinic

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd May 2021

Steven Hart has been riding horses for more than forty years. His childhood recreation turned into a passion for training horses after spending endless hours watching his father break in horses on their cattle station in the Northern Territory. It was during this time Steven made a commitment to learn everything he could from the best equestrian men and women he could find.

Steven has refined his training methodology and has continued to develop communication and education techniques that have provided him with results.

This Horsemanship clinic focuses on ground & ridden work exercises that are suited to any discipline.

Limited to 10 participants. Suited to children 12+ (who want to take their learning to the next level) and adults.

Cost $450/rider for 2 full days of horsemanship (camping available).

50% deposit required to secure your position at the clinic.

More info:

This clinic is now full, to be added to the waiting list, register here:

Rider Biomechanics with Rose Taylor

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th April 2021

Rose is an EA accredited coach with a passion for dressage and helping riders improve their body awareness, balance, alignment and control to be better athletes to allow their horses to perform at their best! Trained in Pilates and with a solid foundation and understanding in rider biomechanics, aided by Franklin Method balls and Performance Refinery posture slings - these techniques are fantastic tools to improve proprioception, stability and mobility.

Franklin Method Equestrian: “Equestrians need to be coordinated and balanced in their own bodies to be able to adequately adapt to the constant movement beneath them while riding. They also need to be mentally focused in order to connect and communicate with their horse. The Franklin Method combines anatomical embodiment and imagery to improve awareness, train the mind-body connection, and produce efficient movement.

With more coordinated movement you’ll experience improved strength, flexibility and posture naturally in your riding.
If you are able to produce more efficient and coordinated movement, your horse will be able to do the same. The result of this is a rider and horse that look balanced easeful in their movement.”

Performance Refinery P2 posture slings:
“The PR Equiformance Posture Slings are a specific Patented design, developed by leading New Zealand and United States USEF Equestrian specific Physiotherapist Britta Anna Pedersen, for Active Stability and functional performance training of the Rider on their horse.

Functional Rider Training utilizing the Equiformance Posture Slings is a fabulous tool for helping to develop a riders feel associated with correct and effective postural positioning in the saddle. If we can ‘feel’ what muscles we should be engaging along with ‘where’ our leg and pelvis should sit, we then begin to work on mind-muscle connectivity. “

Cost: $120/60 min session
Fence sitters $20/day

Each 60 minute session includes:
*On/off horse postural assessment
*Position correction with the use of Franklin Method balls/bands and Performance Refinery Posture Slings
*On/off horse muscle release and activation techniques

Register your interest here:

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Working Equitation Play & Practice

Saturday 27th March 10am - 12pm

This is a great opportunity to ride with other horses in a new environment (safe & secured arena), familiarise your horse with all of our working equitation obstacles, practice your WE skills and have an enjoyable ride with new people (this is not a coaching session).



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